X-rite Colormunki Photo
X-rite Colormunki Photo

X-rite Colormunki Photo

  • All-in-One spectrophotometer is the only device required to profile monitors, projectors and printers and measure colors
  • A white calibration tile is integrated, so there¡¯s nothing to lose or match up to your device.
  • Calibrate and profile all of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors so you know the colors you see on screen are the same colors you¡¯ll see in print.
  • No need to read individual color patches ¨C ColorMunki¡¯s superfast scanning can rapidly measure test charts in less than one minute!
  • Simply scan one 50-patch test chart, and ColorMunki will learn how your printer behaves with these colors and dynamically generate a second chart of 50 patches. Then print and scan this second chart of 50 patches and your profile is perfected!
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Product Details

ColorMunki Photo ¨C software and hardware color control solution provides the functionality to calibrate your monitors, projectors and printers, so the color you see on screen is the color you get in print. The hardware device is completely integrated and the powerful, self-guided ColorMunki Photo software offers two modes: easy and advanced. Select "match my printer to my display" and you'll be completely guided through the profiling process for both your display and your printer. Or you can easily jump right to display, projector or printer profiling. The ColorMunki Photo all-in-one spectrophotometer is the only device you need.

What’s in the box
  • Black ColorMunki spectrophotometer
  • ColorMunki profiling software
  • ColorMunki Photo ColorPicker and DigitalPouch software
  • Interactive Training DVD
  • ColorMunki protection bag/monitor holder
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB power cord
  • end user license agreement (EULA)
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