Tenba Shootout Shoulder Bag Large
Tenba Shootout Shoulder Bag Large

Tenba Shootout Shoulder Bag Large

  • Outside Dimensions: 48W x 30H x 25D cm
  • Inside Dimensions: 43W x 28H x 18-22D cm
  • Laptop Compartment: 41W x 28H x 5D cm
  • Fits most laptops up to 15-inches
  • Weight: 3.2 kg Includes:
  • 632-801 Shootout Mobile Phone/MP3 PlayerPouch
  • 632-802 Shootout 4 cards Media Wallet
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p> Capacity: 1-2 SLRs, 6-8 lenses & flash. Whether you go out shooting with a camera and a single lens, or full kit with multiple bodies, lenses and a laptop, your needs for protection in adverse conditions are the same – cradle the equipment in a soft enclosure, and keep it dry no matter what. Shootout Shoulder Bags – from the smallest bag to the largest, full-system case – provide outdoor protection you can count on. The Large bag will fit 1-2 professional size SLRs with 6-8 lenses, flash and accessories, and it will also fit a medium format camera like the Mamiya ZD, Phase-One or Hasselblad H3D with 4-5 lenses. The Medium and Large size shoulder bags share the Quick Access side zippers that allow you to get at your equipment through the side of the bag rather than Show More

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  • Tenba Shootout Shoulder Bag Large
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