Tenba Shootout Backpack Mini
Tenba Shootout Backpack Mini

Tenba Shootout Backpack Mini

  • Outside Dimensions: 28W x 38H x 22D cm
  • Inside Dimensions: 25W x 36H x 13D cm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg Includes:
  • 632-801 Shootout Mobile Phone/MP3 PlayerPouch
  • 632-802 Shootout 4 cards Media Wallet
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Product Details

Capacity: 2 SLRs, 4-6 lenses (up to 70-200mm 2.8) & flash, plus virtually any size tripod. Backpacks are the outdoor shooter’s mainstay. Shootout backpacks are available in multiple sizes, to accommodate camera/lens/ laptop setups ranging from basic to brutal, plus all the accessories. All styles except Daypack feature our exclusive MSTC™ tripod carrying system. Large and medium sizes are also available in wheeled versions. The Mini size is designed to carry a very well rounded camera system and tripod, but without a laptop and other larger items that would weigh the bag down. This is a great size when you need to be light on your feet, or carry the bag for a long day of shooting.

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  • Tenba Shootout Backpack Mini
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