SLR Magic 28mm F2.8
SLR Magic 28mm F2.8

SLR Magic 28mm F2.8

  • Compatible: All E-mount cameras
  • Focal; Distance: 0.24m to ∞
  • Minimum Focal length: 0.3m (3cm with 1:1 Extension Tube Adapter)
  • Max aperture: f/2.8
  • Focus mechanism: Internal
  • Lens Length: 4cm
  • Lens Weight: 280g
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Product Details

The SLR Magic 28mm f/2.8 lens is a multi coated manual prime lens that is made to work with the Sony NEX system for camera bodies such as the NEX-3, NEX-5, and NEX-VG10. Lens is in native E lens mount and will work directly on your camera! What is really special about this lens is that it is very light weight (~280g) and has a unique rotational aperture disk. When wide open it produces silky smooth bokeh. When stopped down it still produces silky smooth bokeh. Whay? It is because the rotational apertrue disk ensures a perfectly round aperture opening at all times for the perfect bokeh. It is the signature of this SLR Magic lens and it is quite interesting The lens is great for creative photography. We occasionally receive questions about how this lens differ from the kit lens. Field of vie Show More

What’s in the box
  • SLR Magic 28mm F2.8 for NEX
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