Sekonic L-208 TwinMate
Sekonic L-208 TwinMate Sekonic L-208 TwinMate

Sekonic L-208 TwinMate

  • Compact and lightweight analog incident/reflected shoe mount meter
  • Aperture priority metering
  • EV metering
  • Shutter priority metering
  • ISO 12 to 12500 (in 1/2 steps)
  • 30 min to 1/8000 sec. (in 1 steps) plus 1/5, 1/10, 1/125, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200, 1/400, 1/800
  • f/1.4 to f/32.0 (in 1, 1/3 steps)
  • EV 3.0 to EV 17.0 (in 1, 1/2 steps)
  • Europe CE Version**
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Product Details

**Please note that this is a CE (Europe) version, not intended for US/Canada radio frequency. You should not import this product to US/Canada without permission of your local communication authority. |The Sekonic L-208 TwinMate is a palm-sized analog light meter for hand-held incident and reflected ambient light readings. It can also be mounted onto a camera or bracket using the included hot-shoe adapter for quick, camera-positioned reference readings. Though designed primarily for entry-level users, long-time shooters look to the Sekonic L-208 TwinMate as an accurate, easy-to-stow, back-up meter. Owners of rangefinder cameras who desire an incident and reflected meter also appreciate the included shoe mount. The lumisphere enables accurate incident readings. Retract the lumisphere to take Show More

What’s in the box
  • Sekonic L-208 TwinMate
  • Strap
  • Carrying Case
  • Shoe Mounting Plate
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