Pilotfly H1+
Pilotfly H1+ Pilotfly H1+ Pilotfly H1+

Pilotfly H1+

Handheld stabilization gimbal with the most advanced technology
  • Aluminium CNC alloy construction
  • Own developed brushless motor (Type 4108) with high payload
  • Elegant design and easy to adjust the center of gravity
  • All three axes (Pitch, Roll and Yaw) can be perfectly adjusted in about 5 minutes
  • Built-in Li-Po battery with a capacity of 1800mAh
  • External battery can be easily plugged in to extend the video shooting time
  • High versatility by supporting a variety of cameras
  • Extremely high accuracy and stability due to two integrated IMU sensors
  • Temperature calibration supported to ensure high reliability under different working conditions
  • Support of 4 default modes – Follow mode, Pitch-lock mode, Head-lock and Invert mode (auto detection)
  • Support of 5 free configurable user modes selected via the “Mode” button
  • Pitch and Roll angel can be controlled by the rock switch
  • Adaptive PID-algorithm to prevent vibrations
  • Low Voltage Directive to protect the battery
  • Sound alert for low voltage, mode change and calibration sequence
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Product Details

The Pilotfly-H1+ handheld stabilization gimbal with the most advanced technology gives you an immersive experience for your photo and video shooting. The 32bit technology and the 2 IMU sensors offer you a more powerful shooting experience than ever before. The ergonomic handle manufactured of engineering plastic has a built-in battery, equipped with an easy-to-use mode button and rock switch. The 3-axes of the gimbal consist of a CNC aluminium alloy construction which provides a massive, stable and reliable video experience. Our own developed brushless motors can support a payload up to 1200 gram which offers a high flexibility of the camera & lens configuration for the user. The Pilotfly-H1+ is a master piece of engineering which combines an elegant design with high versatility and mobili Show More

What’s in the box
  • PILOTFLY H1+ 3axis Stabilizer with built-in battery
  • Carrying case
  • Smartphone holder
  • Hex Wrench
  • Universal charger 100V~220V
  • External power cable (XT60)
  • Smart manual
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