Nissin Di700 Flash
Nissin Di700 Flash

Nissin Di700 Flash

Second Generation High-performance Advanced Flash.
  • GN54 (200mm)/GN48 (105mm) *ISO100
  • E-TTL/E-TTL II for Canon
  • i-TTL for Nikon
  • ADO/P-TTL for Sony
  • Suitable for lens from 24-200mm
  • Selector dial
  • High-speed synchronization
  • Wireless TTL Slave - Group A-C (any channels 1-4)
  • Socket for Power Pack
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Product Details

The Nissin Di700 second generation high-performance advanced flash has increased to 24-200mm from its predecessor and can achieve a maximum output of GN54 at 200mm (GN48 at 105mm). Compared with same-level flashes from other brands, the Nissin Di700 can create a variety of light changes, giving the photographer a wider range of option whilst shooting.

What’s in the box
  • Nissin Di700 Flash
  • Soft Case
  • Flash Stand
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