MiNT Lens Set
MiNT Lens Set

MiNT Lens Set

  • Compatible with: All SX-70 cameras including SX-70 Model 1, Alpha1, Sonar, SLR670, SLR680 and SLR690
  • Neutral Density Filter
  • Blue-Filter 80B
  • Yellow Filter K2
  • Close Up Lens 1:1
  • Full Frame Fisheye Lens
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Product Details

The revolutionary lens set for Polaroid SX-70 Cameras by MiNT. lt includes Fisheye Lens, Yellow Filter, Blue Filter, Neutral Density Filter and Close-up Lens. You can directly adapt the lens holder behind your camera lens and try different lenses by simply changing the lens filter. Malleable and easy to carry around, all of the filters are made of glass with up to 91% transparency. So, you won't need to adjust the exposure meter for a properly exposed picture.

What’s in the box
  • Lens holder
  • ND filter
  • Blue filter
  • Yellow filter
  • Close-up lens
  • Full Frame fisheye lens
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