Metz 36 C-2 Flash
Metz 36 C-2 Flash

Metz 36 C-2 Flash

  • max. GN of 36 for ISO 100/21° and 85 mm
  • connection to camera via hot-shoe contact (x-synchronization) or via sync cable (included in delivery)
  • vertically tilting reflector +90°
  • LED displays
  • manual zoom reflector for 28 – 85 mm illumination
  • flash readiness and exposure control indicator on the unit

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Product Details

Those who are looking for a precise automatic flash with a tilting reflector unit will be well-served by the mecablitz 36 C-2. Three different automatic apertures (8, 4, 2, at ISO 100/21°) as well as a manuallyadjustable zoom reflector, are available with it, with which the light output can be optimized within the focal length of 28-85 mm. LED displays on the back of the unit give information about the flash readiness and correct exposure.

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  • Metz 36 C-2 Flash
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