LensBaby Composer
LensBaby Composer

LensBaby Composer

  • Focal Length: about 50mm
  • Focusing range from 0.45m to infinity
  • Weight: 104.9g
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Product Details

The Lensbaby Composer lens is based on a ball and socket configuration that delivers smooth selective focus photography with unparalleled ease. Photographers simply tilt the lens to a desired angle and then focus with a manual focusing ring. The Composer stays in the desired bent position without requiring a locking mechanism and features the new Lensbaby Optic Swap System. If you want to ensure the Composer will not move during an extended shooting session, you can lock the lens's position by rotating the Locking Ring. This locking feature makes the Composer ideal for studio photography or for longer or repeated exposures. The Composer comes with the Double Glass Optic installed.

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  • LensBaby Composer
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