Gossen Sixtomat Digital
Gossen Sixtomat Digital

Gossen Sixtomat Digital

  • Film speeds :ISO 3/ 6¡ã to 8000/ 40¡ã
  • Apertures :f/ 1 to f/ 90 9/ 10
  • Shutter speeds :1/ 8000 s to 60 min.
  • Cine speeds (f. p. s.) :8 to 64, also 25 and 30 for TV
  • Dimensions :approx. 65 x 118 x 19 mm
  • Weight (without battery) :approx. 95 g
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What’s in the box
  • Gossen Sixtomat Digital
  • Bag
  • strap
  • battery
  • operating instructions
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