Gossen Digipro F
Gossen Digipro F

Gossen Digipro F

  • Exposure times :1/8000s to 60min
  • Aperture stops :f/1 to f/90 9/10
  • Measuring range flash :f/1 to f/90 (with ISO 100/21?
  • Flash synch speeds :1 to 1 /1000 including 1/90 s (meas. time)
  • CINE values :8 to 64 including 25 and 30 TV)
  • Film speeds :ISO 3.2/6?to 8000/40?
  • Dimensions :ca. 65 x 118 x 19 mm
  • Weight :ca. 95 g (without battery)
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Product Details

Digipro F - exposure meter for flash and ambient light, with swivel head. It offers high precision, reliable quality and a remarkable versatility of functions. Thus meeting the requirements of the professional photographer and the dedicated amateur, both in analog and digital photogaphy. Main features and benefits: ?Convenient swivel head facilitating measuring and reading ?Incident and reflected light mode, with flash and ambient light ?Flash measurement, cord/noncord, with additional reading of the share of ambient light ?Multiple flash calculation ?Digital read-out (LCD) in 1/10 steps ?Analog indication of the contrast in 1/2 step increments ?Storing in memory of values measured and preset ?Preprogramming of exposure corrections ?Recalli Show More

What’s in the box
  • Gossen Digipro F
  • Case
  • neck strap
  • battery and operating instructions
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