Gossen ColorMaster 3 F
Gossen ColorMaster 3 F

Gossen ColorMaster 3 F

  • Luminous intensity :10 to 190 000 lx
  • Flash power :5 to 20 800 lxs
  • Presetting film temperature :2000 to 9900 K
  • Flash sync times :1/ 2 to 1/ 500 s, also 1/ 90 s
  • Dimensions :approx. 128 x 71 x 24 mm
  • Weight (without battery) :approx. 130 g
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Product Details

A digital 3-colour meter for measuring the colour temperature of ambient and flash light and indicating the appropriate LB and CC filters for photography ¨C also light intensity and flash power. In professional photography the correct reproduction of colour is one of the most important requirements. The lighting conditions of the scene will often require the use of filters. The GOSSEN Colormaster 3F provides all the capabilities the professional photographer will need. At the push of a single button the colour temperature is measured and the corresponding filters in LB and CC values are displayed. The settings and readings automatically appear on the display. The different sources of light, be it daylight or artificial light (incandescent lamp, halog Show More

What’s in the box
  • Special diffusor for powerful flash and bright continuos light
  • bag
  • strap
  • battery
  • operating instructions
  • Gossen ColorMaster 3 F
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