Fujifilm PIVI MP-300 Photo Printer
Fujifilm PIVI MP-300 Photo Printer

Fujifilm PIVI MP-300 Photo Printer

  • Pivi MP-300
  • Film size:86 mm¡Á54 mm
  • Screen size:61 mm¡Á46 mm
  • Print definition:10.0 dot/mm(254dpi)
  • RGB color:256th floor tone
  • Image date Time:20second standard VGA(640x480)
  • Interface:Infrared Ray(IrSimple, IrDA ) and USB(PicBridge)
  • Print Date:Image from JPEG
  • Print Size:60x60~6400x6400 pixelt
  • Battery:Lithium battery CR2 x 2 (100 sheets for Infrared date, 70 sheets for USB)
  • Off power: 3 min for AC adapter and 10min for Lithium battery auto power off
  • Main Size: 146x102x29mm
  • Mass:225g
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Product Details

The Fujifilm Pivi MP-300 is a palm-sized printer that cranks out playing-card-sized pictures in less than two minutes. Accepting its image data using PictBridge via a USB or infrared, it weighs just shy of a half-pound loaded with batteries and paper, making it kinda easy to carry around and ninja-print shots on the spot. The photo printer Pivi MP-300 of Fuji Film can print photos instantly after receiving data from the camera or cell phone, able to go through the process of data transmission, visualizing, and printing in just 20 seconds. It is portable with its 286g compact size, the size of an adult's hand, and you can use it conveniently anywhere where you can connect it to the USB cable. The MP-300 provides a dating technology which allows the date to be recorded on the printe Show More

What’s in the box
  • Fuji PIVI MP-300 Mobile printer
  • Lithium batteries (2)
  • manual
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