Dock Minimal
Dock Minimal Dock Minimal

Dock Minimal

  • Patented dock
  • For iPhone3G/3GS/4G
  • Horizontal and vertical position
  • No Apple License fee needed
  • Uses the original Apple cable as Power&Sync
  • High Quality Finishing
  • Available in different colours
  • Great promotional item
  • Put your logo on the front
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Product Details

We love the 30 pin connector, it's great. But the way we see it, there was no need for additionally 3 x30 pin connectors in addition to the one you have on your iPhone or iPod to make it charge/sync in a dock. We introduce, the most minimalistic but highly functional Dock Minimal. You use the charge and sync cable that comes with the iPhone and make stylish and functional docking station for your iPhone/iTouch/iPod.

What’s in the box
  • Dock Minimal for iPhone
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