Canon WWDC1 Weight
Canon WWDC1 Weight

Canon WWDC1 Weight

  • WW-DC1 Ballast weight set for adjusting housing bouyancy.
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Product Details

The Canon WW-DC1 waterproof case weights are designed to prevent your camera from floating while taking pictures underwater. Four weight pieces, plastic pins and weight securing screws are included in the WW-DC1 package. When using these weights, put two suitable pins into the appropriate number of weights and fasten it to the waterproof case with the securing screw. If other accessories are attached to the waterproof case, the number of weights needed may vary. The WW-DC1 is perfect for use with the Canon PowerShot A510, A520, A85, A95, S70, and SD500.

What’s in the box
  • Four waterproof case weight pieces
  • plastic pins
  • weight securing screws.
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