B+W 58mm CPL MRC filter
B+W 58mm CPL MRC filter

B+W 58mm CPL MRC filter

  • Removes unwanted reflections
  • Increases color saturation
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Creates dramatic black and white landscapes when combined with red filter
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Product Details

B+W’s Circular polarizing filters remove unwanted reflections from surfaces such as water or glass. This filter is used to increase color saturation and produce clearer images without affecting the overall color balance. The B+W Circular Polarizer is a highly efficient standard circular polarizing filter for all cameras, allowing proper exposure metering and auto focus settings. The Multi Resistant Coating prevents dust and water droplets from adhering to the filter, preventing spots and distorted photographs. The Multi Resistant Coating is also effective at preventing minor scratches and scrapes to the lens. ?

What’s in the box
  • B+W 58mm MRC CPL filter
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