AFT Camera Strap Set
AFT Camera Strap Set AFT Camera Strap Set

AFT Camera Strap Set

A Lens Cap Strap Holder
  • Type A for: 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
  • Type B for: 58mm, 62mm, 67mm
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Product Details

If you are a photographer, amateur or pro, you'll be familiar with the one constants of the field: camera neck strap. This camera strap are made with the highest quality heavy duty webbing, and components. The straps designed and shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder. The weight of your camera is evenly distributed for the ultimate in comfort. Built for speed, for when timing is everything. In this set, you will also receive a Lens Cap Strap Holder. No need to worry anymore with this Lens Cap Strap clip system that secures your lens cap on your camera strap with easy steps. Simply thread the lens cap strap clip system onto your DSLR camera strap, and clip on your lens cap when you need to take your shots. With the secured design, the lens cap will stay firmly onto the clip system Show More

What’s in the box
  • Digital SLR Neck Strap x 1
  • Lens Cap Strap Holder x 1
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