A-Data 2GB 266X CF
A-Data 2GB 266X CF

A-Data 2GB 266X CF

  • High performance(read): 40MB/s(IDE Mode)
  • Conforms to Compact Flash Card specification standard
  • Support PIO mode 6
  • Support Error Correcting Code (ECC) function to detect and correct errors.
  • Support power down commands and sleep mode
  • Support Wear Leverage function to maximize data endurance.
  • Non-volatile storage(no battery required)
  • +5 Volts or +3.3 Volts operation.
  • Durability:Minimum 10,000 insertion/removal cycles
  • Low weight
  • Noiseless
  • Low profile
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Product Details

2GB Extreme Speed CompactFlash card from A-Data. Speed rating 266x and read speeds up to 40MB/sec. Suitable for digital cameras, PDAs and other devices. Supports 3.3V and 5.0V. CompactFlash® (CF) memory cards have long been a mainstay in the memory card market and are well known for dependability and large storage capacities. Although there are many new types of memory cards with smaller sizes, CF cards hold a strong position for high capacity and superior performance flash storage. CF cards are used in numerous types of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras as well as industrial PC applications. As the development of high-resolution digital cameras and other multimedia appliances, normal CF cards with limited read/write speed and capacity can’t fit users’ needs anymore. A-DATA “ Show More

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  • A.Data 2GB 266x CF
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