• OEM UV filter 77mm
    US$ 17.0
    • Blue: Ideal for enriching the colour of sky or sea without affecting the whole image
    • Gray: Ideal for reducing the light transmittance of part of the image in order to get a balance exposure. Perfect for using in the high contrast environment like sky and land
    • ND: Reduce the light transmittance, which allows you to capture a low shutter speed image even during the day time
    US$ 14.42
    • Create specific effects
    • Control light and colour directly
    • Gradual pink
    • Gradual green
    • Gradual orange
    • Gradual blue
    • Gradual purple
    • Gradual red
    • Gradual brown
    • Gradual ND2
    • Gradual ND4
    • Gradual ND8
    • Full ND2
    • Full ND4
    • Full ND8
    • Included Filter Holder and Adapter Ring
    • Included Filter case (6 pockets)
    US$ 24.0