• Speedy output: the tiny and delicate ipower xtra has 2.1A USB output, which is compatible with most digital devices.
    • Included insurance.
    • Plug and go: It can identify different smart products and auto change once cable plugged.
    • Intelligent Switch: It will change the device automatically once you plug the cable in. shut down and switch to power-saving mode whithin 30 second when no device connected.
    • Safe and stable: Equipped with smart clip and precise device which prevent from overcharge, over-discharge and short-circuit. These function can be accurately activated under unexpected situation.
    US$ 29.87
    • It is very useful and convenient for the amateur and photographer, Suitable for SLR, VCR cameras
    • It clamps suitable edge or shelf conveniently in anywhere
    • Two legs can fix it firmly, can clamp anywhere up to 65mm thick, MAX 5KG
    • Adjust the ideal angle photography easily for the camera which on it.
    • Folded Size: Approx. 140 x 75 x 30mm (L*W*H)
    US$ 8.59
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    US$ 629.0