• OEM UV filter 77mm
    US$ 17.0
    • Increase maximum aperture by 1 stop
    • Increase MTF of any lens attached
    • Makes lens 0.71x wider
    • Auto focus on Panasonic Mirco Four Thirds cameras
    • Can be powered either by camera body or by third-party external 5V power source (not included)
    • Iris/aperture controlled by the camera body
    • Image stabilization (IS) lens support
    • EXIF (focal length, aperture, zoom range)
    • Distance and zoom display on camcorders (requires lenses supporting distance information)
    US$ 689.0
    • High Density Sharp Cut UV Glass
    • Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger
    • 8-layer Anti-Reflective Multi-Coating
    • Water & Oil Repellent, Scratch & Stain Resistant
    • Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame
    • Glass Mounted with High Pressure Press Technology
    • A multi-purpose fine-weather filter
    US$ 53.0