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    $ 499.00
    • Casio launched the EXILIM TR series of cameras with a rotating frame and monitor in 2011. Featuring Make-up mode and an optimal design for taking self-portraits, the TR series has proven popular especially among young women, as beauty items that are no longer seen as a conventional camera.
    • The new EX-TR80 features even more customizable settings in Make-up Mode, enabling the user to capture beautiful skin reliably, just the way they want it to appear. In addition to including all of the Skin Tone presets that were popular with previous TR Series cameras, users can now finely adjust levels for Smooth Skin, Face Brightness, Sculpt, Dark Circles Remover, and Slim Face. With significantly enhanced intelligence to control image quality for skin, the camera reproduces consistent skin tones in variable conditions, whether outdoors, indoors or under different types of lighting. The EX-TR80 also automatically detects the skin status including full makeup, light makeup and evening makeup that needs tou
    $ 769.00
    • EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3
    • 16mm Super Wide-angle / F2.8 Lens
    • Intelligent Interval Shooting
    • Highlight Photo / Highlight Movie
    • 3-axis Anti Shake on Video
    • EXILIM Auto Transfer
    • 3.0 inch (920k) Touch Panel LCD
    • Shock resistant/Low temperature resistant/
    • Waterproof/Dust proof
    $ 409.00