• Load Capacity: 11 lb Max Height: 59.4" Closed Length: 19.3" Sections: 4 Weight: 1.1 lb D-Shaped Tubing Rubber Grip Wrist Strap
    $ 129.00
    • 4-section aluminum monopod offering great support for on-the-go photography. Essential for landscapes, wildlife, sports events, action shots, travel shots, and any other types of photography that require some camera stability while still offering flexibility and ease of movement.
    • A monopod is much easier to transport than a tripod, having one single telescopic pole, that can be retracted when not in use, making it more compact to carry.
    • Lightweight yet stable, a monopod is easy to set up, and enables any photographer to capture the shot in the moment, all while providing camera support for a clearer, sharper image.
    • Techno polymer upper disc with grooves which increase camera stability
    • 1/4 and 3/8 attachment for camera and head.4-section for selectable height.
    • New rubber legwarmer to increase grip and ergonomics.
    $ 78.00
    • Closed length: 49.0cm
    • Leg cross section: round
    • Legs tube diameter: 25.3-21.7-18.2-14.7mm
    • Maximum length: 151.0cm
    • Leg sections: 4 number
    • Load capacity: 5kg
    • Weight: 0.5kg