• Up To 90MB/s Read; 40MB/s Write
    • Error Correction for Enhanced Reliability
    • Now at new U3 speeds, exceeding high-definition video recording performance requirement
    • Extreme durability from deserts to glaciers, guaranteed
    • Compatible with all major cameras with SDHC format
    • Ideal for advanced cameras, DSLRs and HD camcorders
    $ 33.99
    • UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) and Class 10 to record Full HD video (1080p) and 3D video
    • Move your data fast with transfer speeds up to 80MB/s
    • Ideal for tablets, smartphones, and cameras
    • Waterproof, X-ray proof, temperature proof, and shockproof
    $ 38.00
    • Class 10 Speed Rating for Seamless Full HD Video
    • Transfer speeds up to 30 MB/s
    • Flawless App Performance
    • Android App for Easy File Management
    • Durable Design
    $ 34.00